Comprehensive Training Plan

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Comprehensive Training Plan
Professor Cameron
Phase 3 Individual Project

March 11, 2014

. Investing officer misconduct is often more tough than investigating a prisoner. Usually the prison department is closely knit area, with majority of people always silent about breaking the silence. Sometimes the complaint is untrue or overblown. It is therefore required that the officer start the investigation of the complaint from the start (Frye, 2012). The investigation of a complaint of misconduct of an officer starts with the complaint being reported which becomes a starting point for inquiry. The department that would deal with these complaints will be the professional oversight
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The concept of utilitarianism will effectively apply in this case. Utilitarianism is ensuring that the best benefit for the majority is upheld in expense of the suffering of an individual or few individuals.
The character training is usually in depth. If the trainer instills character that will uphold ethics, the character will be found to be helpful in the organization. The officer trained on in-depth character will always be out to effect the character taught and in that process, they will uphold ethics to the latter. Ethics is important if it turns out to be part of the officer in their day to day activity. Therefore if ethics is upheld out of the new character earned out of in-depth learning, the organization will highly benefit. Evaluation of the levels of effectiveness of training can be evaluated in the long term and not in the short term. The evaluation can be made through comparing the number of cases reported as concerns matters of ethics. Evaluation can only be made through looking at the past performance of the officers in terms of ethical relation with the prisoners. Increased level of complaints against officers in the year of training will mean that the process of training was not effective (Joshua, 2010). The officers can be rated through the evaluation forms that can be filled by the prisoners randomly without giving their identity just like its done in the questionnaire. The answers as given by the prisoners can be used by the


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