Public Policing vs Private Security

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Public Policing versus Private Security Comparison

Maria Perham

University of Phoenix

April 15, 2011

Public Policing Versus Private Security Comparison

In the policing field are two paths for individuals to choose from public policing and private security. Both paths have many similarities and significant differences in each one’s roles and responsibilities. Private security and public policing both have similar histories, goals, and training. The differences within these similarities are what make private security and private policing unique and successful, in each one’s own way. The way that each private security and private policing has differences in the way,
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Essential Policies

Public police are more highly controlled by laws and policies. The public police are controlled by these policies to ensure the rights of every citizen, guilty of a crime or not, are not violated. For example, when an arrest is made officers are required to ensure that the suspect is made aware of his or her rights, by means of reciting the Miranda Rights. Other policies control how long a public officer can detrain, search, or question an individual. For private security, many of these policies do not apply. The United States Constitution does not restrict private security, unless the private security guard are breaking the law themselves. This can cause conflict within the two agencies because in many cases the public police have many more restrictions when trying to protect and serve than private security, but have more capabilities of making an arrest than that of the private security.

Importance of a Comprehensive Security Plan

A comprehensive security plan is composed of three essential elements, physical, personnel, and information security (Ortmeier, 2009). Other secondary elements include technical and operational security (OPSEC) (Ortmeier, 2009).

“Physical security refers to tangible objects, such as walls, fences, locks, and building design, that promote the protection of persons and property. It also includes lighting, surveillance and alarm systems, and security personnel devoted to access


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