BUSI 601 Individual Learning Project 1

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Company Description
The organization selected for analysis and evaluation is American Lake Credit Union. This organization is composed of two main branches, both located in Tacoma, Washington. In contrast to banks, Credit Unions are smaller organizations and are directed by members who are selected via a vote to serve in an all-volunteer board of directors for the organization (Scott, and Johnston, p.2, 2011). Specifically, this credit union was founded in 1948 and has grown since then. (C. Fitzer, personal communication April 7, 2014). For instance, although the organization is small in size through a partnership with a credit union network, it is able to provide general financial services at diverse locations
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In the case of American Lake Credit Union, interview and analysis with C. Fitzer and C.H. Chapman provided enough data to produce the balanced scorecard depicted in Table 2 below.

Table 2
American Lake Credit Union Balanced Scorecard
General Quadrants
Critical Success Factors/Goals
Metrics/Measured Trends Towards Goals
-Increase Gross margin

-Reduce Exposure to default Loans
-Cash Flow/Balance Sheet

-Selected cost savings in utilities and materials

-Reduction in days for accounts receivable

10% increase in gross margin by Fiscal Year (FY) 15.
-Loan Education towards customer
-Allow customer to freeze payment for up to 30 days in case of adversity
-Late fee with initial 15 day grace period
-Implement flexible payment options, to include direct deposit, phone, and APP
-Reduction of printing requirements and reward of electronic statements
Customer Factors
-Positive Prospective customer perspective towards the organization

-Customer Service/Satisfaction

-Customer Loyalty

-Trend in Customers that transferred direct deposit accounts

-Customer Surveys (Measured Quarterly (QTLY))

-Mystery Shopper feedback to manager

-Trend in returning customers

- Number of Customer complaints
-10 new customers a week (Account Holding)

-10% increase in market share by end of fiscal year 2015

-95% Satisfaction on surveys per quarter

-100% satisfaction in