Emergency Planning

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Question 1
Discuss the following elements found in the plan:
A Mission, goals and/or objectives and discuss which of them was the most important and why.
Since Florida is at risk for emergencies or disasters on a daily basis, Florida’s Division of Emergency Management (DEM) 2008-2013 commenced a Strategic Plan. Within these plans, they set up goal and objectives to ensure that they meet the needs of the state, before, during, and after disasters. It is their ultimate goal to have a well-known emergency program in the nation. This goal is not founded upon the desire for praises or gratitude for DEM, but to make sure they are striving daily to improve their methods, by responding to the
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At this time, the emergency management officials would seek a Declaration of Emergency from the Governor of Florida. This declaration gives Florida’s officials the authority over state services, that would typically be under the sole control of the Governor.

Level 1 Activation
When a storm strike is about to happen, this activates Level I. This means that it is serious, and it is time to evacuate. The orders to evacuate can only be issued by local authorities, such as Mayors or Parish Presidents, the highest county level officials. During the last level of the storm, the storm remains at Level I Activation. This level activates the post storm response and recovery strategies. Activities at this level consists of, an assessment of casualties, damage to personal property and critical infrastructure, resource availability, and the coordination of services for the post-storm recovery effort (pg. 50-52 para.2-5).
Question 2
Using the emergency you chose in Question 1(d), discuss specific activities within the plan related to the four phases of emergency management:
In Hazard mitigation,
The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) requires that every state emergency management agency has an emergency operations plan. These comprehensive emergency operations plans serve to guide emergency operations for all types of hazards, from natural to technological or manmade hazards. Usually,


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