Basic Life Support Teaching Plan-1st Year Nursing Students

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Teaching Plan for Basic Life Support for 1st Year Monash Nursing Students

The aim of a planned teaching guide is to enable the teacher to have a concise lesson plan and objectives for in which to teach BLS to the students. The target audience is 1st year nursing students, who may or may not have any previous experience with BLS; it is therefore necessary to question their knowledge. The plan must use language that is appropriate and understandable. Whilst being mindful not to use nursing slang or unfamiliar terminology. There is an assumed interest from the students as this
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To avoid direct contact with blood or other bodily fluids it is necessary to wear gloves, gown and protective eyewear to reduce risk of infection to yourself (Funnell. et al., 2009). (Remember, you do not know what that sweet little old woman could have!) Assessing an emergency situation and prioritising the management of the patient when dealing with life threatening situations and managing the unconscious patients Airway, Breathing and Circulation (Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation)30mins
DRSABCD: Allocated teacher- N to Talk, S to demonstrateThis will be written on the whiteboard and each step demonstrated on the dummy. Students are encouraged to ask questions if clarification is needed. * Danger: This can relate to you or the patient. Be conscious of your surroundings. * Response; Approach the patient and check for a response by talking loudly and touching their shoulders. Look, Listen and feel. * Send for help: Press the emergency buzzer; you may also call for help. * Airway: Checking for breathing: Place your ear over the persons nose and mouth:Look- Can you see the chest and abdomen rise and fall? If vomit is present use suction to remove. Listen- Can you hear air entering the mouth and/or nose? Feel-Can you feel air on your hand or face? It is no


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