Eat, Pray, Love

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Eat, Pray, Love

Eat, Pray, Love by Elizabeth Gilbert is a memoir about her journey to discover who she truly is and what she wants in her life. She leaves her old life in America behind, kissing her divorce and love affairs goodbye. Elizabeth takes her journey step by step focusing on improving three main components in her life: pleasure, praying, and love. She improves them one at a time each in different locations: pleasure in Italy, praying in India, and love in Indonesia. By spending four months in each country, Elizabeth hopes to find herself through her primary claim, self-discovery.
For the first four months, Elizabeth lives in Italy. As she settles in her new home, she tries to fight off depression from her divorce by eating
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In doing so each message in each part is easier to understand rather than having them all explained at once. The audience can now see the gradual transition from enjoyment in Italy, to prayer in India, to love and balance in Indonesia. This structure also connects with the main claim of the story; such organization mirrors the fact that Elizabeth believes in a good base and structure to understand something which relates to self-discovery. She believes that to find yourself you need to start off strong and be organized so that you know what you want.
In contrast of her strong self-discovering claim, Elizabeth uses an upbeat, chipper tone. In doing so the reader is kept entertained even when she describes the darkest hours of her life. The tone implies that you have to stay strong and positive through everything if you want to be happy in life. It also shows that after Elizabeth’s wild journey around the world, she could write this memoir without any seriously negative feelings. Her advice and adventures truly helped her discover herself which in return made her genuinely happy.
By using ethos and pathos Elizabeth connected with her reader’s beliefs and emotions and got her point across of discovering yourself. Her organizing structure also proved that a


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