Which of the Hr Objectives Facing Mr. Brush Are Really the Most Important to the Success of the Business?

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1. Which of the HR objectives facing Mr. Brush are really the most important to the success of the business? Prioritize them and justify your list.
The success of the business would be best helped by the recruitment of new workers to meet the additional demands on the company, followed by training of the new recruits and management of healthcare cost. Any initiative undertaken must follow the objectives of the organization. It is critical that organizational objective and HR initiatives support each other.
The business is growing and it is facing a tight labor market. In a tight job market employers face the growing problem of attracting and retaining the work force necessary for their businesses to grow and thrive. Once the HR
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Organizations, whether large or small, should integrate their health promotion safety and environmental programs, policies, and processes. Activities incorporated in workplace health protection and promotions are diverse and reflect a wide range of functions and goals. Examples include assessing worker health status, addressing personal health risks, the early recognition and treatment of injury or illness, job safety initiatives and efforts to create cultures of health and safety, disability prevention and return-to-work programs, emergency preparedness planning, and behavioral health and environmental safety initiatives. While these may appear to be diverse approaches, they are all aimed at the same thing: promoting overall health and preventing workplace injuries and illnesses, both of which effectively help the bottom line of an organization.
Having affordable health care options are critical to individual employees and their families. While this is indeed of importance to the employee for the organization it will be secondary to managing the cost of healthcare as it relates to the bottom line.
Mr. Brush would need to reconcile the differences and determine if any contrary decisions on his part would cause undue negative consequences for the employees, all this while complying with stated legal guidelines. Mr. Brush needs to keep the corporate objectives clearly in the forefront when considering employee preferences.

3. Choose two objectives.


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