Challenges of Employee Recruitment and Retention of Healthcare

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Challenges of Employee Recruitment and Retention of Healthcare
Andrea Richardson
HCA 459: Senior Project
Instructor: Vicki Sowle
Submitted: September 27, 2010

Sixty-nine percent of health care organizations report having moderate to substantial difficulty retaining employees with critical skills, compared with 43% of organizations across all industries, according to a reports by Watson Wyatt Worldwide and the American Society for Healthcare Human Resources Administration reports. Jamie Hale of Watson Wyatt said the high-stress condition in hospitals explains why some workers want to leave. Chronic shortages of nurses and physical therapists needed at hospitals and clinics heighten employee retention problems. Health care workers
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Key employee retention is critical to the long term health and success of your business. Managers readily agree that retaining your best employees ensures customer satisfaction, product sales, certain coworkers and reporting staff, effective succession planning and deeply imbedded organizational knowledge and understanding. If managers can specify these facts so well, why do they behave in ways that so often inspire skilled employees to quit their jobs? Employee retention matters. Organizational issues such as training time and investment; lost knowledge; mourning, insecure coworkers and a costly candidate search aside, failing to keep a key employee is expensive. Various estimates suggest that losing a middle manager costs a company up to 100 percent of his salary. The loss of a chief management is even more expensive. Common features that many focus group participants liked about their role included the task variety, their coworkers, the salary and benefits, the lack of direct supervision, and a sense of job security. Most focus group respondents plan to make a career out of working for the healthcare industry and were generally satisfied with their jobs. Factors that were identified that will affect their decision to stay or leave include


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