Patient Falls

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Case Study Analysis - Patients Falls

Case Study Analysis - Patients Falls Quality management departments collect and analyze data to ensure quality care that is safe and effective for patients. Positive outcomes are crucial for success, and are measured objectively to monitor, and revise improvement programs implemented. Regulatory and accreditation agencies set the standards for patient safety defining quality indicators that health care organizations measure, and evaluate to sustain accreditation with compliance. Data proves compliance with best practices and positive outcomes, increasing reimbursement and the number of individuals who will come to the organization for care. Administration leadership has found that
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Standards issued by JCAHO emphasize the need to integrate all patient safety activities with an identified focus of accountability within the organization’s leadership according to Premier (2011). Certain activities, such as security, equipment safety and infection control involves staff, visitors, and patients.

The goal of reducing the risk of patient harm resulting from falls first appeared in the JCAHO national Patient Safety list in 2005 according to Hook and Winchel (2006). The goal remains on the list because falls continue to count for a significant portion of injuries in hospitalized patients. According to Hook & Winchel (2006), accredited organizations are expected to implement a fall-reduction program with an evaluation that is appropriate to their population, setting, and services.

Barriers of Implementing and Revising Quality Measures

Implementing or revising quality measures involves change. Even though change is inevitable, it is not always welcome (Blais, Erb, Hayes, & Kozier, 2002). The experience of change always presents some level of challenge to the person who must adapt (Blais et al. , 2002). “Because major falls causing injury and even death still occur, the focus is shifting toward developing prevention problems” (Dlugacz, 2006, p. 32). Prevention programs sometimes do not achieve desired results therefore revision required.

Work nature is inherently about


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