Gattaca (Genetic Engineering) Opinion Piece

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‘Consider God’s handiwork. Who can straighten what he hath made crooked’
-Ecclesiastes 1:14-15

Imagine being able to control the characteristics of your children, free from any genetic mutations and diseases. Imagine choosing their eye colour, hair colour, IQ, traits, sex. Through the discovery of new methods and the upgrades in technology in today’s world, scientists can choose different features and adjust them to the wants of parents and many people now believe that genetically engineering a baby should be legal. I believe however, that a baby should be produced naturally and should not be genetically engineered as this will cause many problems in its latter life.

Discoveries by scientists have found many diseases related to
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Who can straighten what he hath made crooked”. This means no one can straighten what God has made crooked – no one can change the faults of God as it is his handiwork. If it were to become legal, then religious disputes would arise against genetic engineering.

Does selecting for particular traits pose health risks? As it has rarely been tested on humans, the outcome is uncertain whether or not it does. However, as technology evolves, there is low numbers of research and lack of data. The outcome depends on chance. The outcome may be positive, however may be negative. A experiment carried out in 1990 on mice found a gene relating to memory. When altered in mice, their intelligence and memory showed great improvement, however, it causes increased sensitivity to pain. Is this what will happen to humans? Would a positive effect always come with a negative? Are the risks high?

When it comes to saving a child from health risks when they are older, I believe we should do everything to eliminate these risks. Testing and scanning an embryo for health traits determine the traits that can be fixed, and gives us the chance to save these embryos so to help children live a healthy life. However, parents should not tamper with God’s creation. From the beginning of time, parents have cared for, taught and helped children succeed and loved and accepted them for who they are without genetic