Managers Can Assist Employees with Career Development

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Managers Can Assist Employees with Career Development Managers can assist employees with career development through creating a strategic plan that enhance employees’ capabilities to efficiently carry out work related tasks. Managers can oversee training that leads to effectiveness and high success rates of transfer of training. As a manager with career development as a focus you want to optimize performance and reinforce the employee's ability to take on broader responsibilities which can ultimately lead to career advances that are both beneficial for the organization and the employee.
Managers make the decision of who needs training and in what areas training is needed, because employee training needs must be aligned with
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It helps managers and employees to identify areas of performance for enhancement and it helps promote professional growth. A performance appraisal is a review of and discussion of an employee’s performance of assigned duties and responsibilities. Results obtained from the appraisal of the employees ability to perform work related tasks it is measurable in relations skills and accomplishments. The success of the appraisal process depends on the manager or supervisor’s willingness to complete a constructive and objective appraisal as well as the employees’ willingness to respond to constructive suggestions. The employee must be willing to work with managers, supervisors and trainers to reach future career goals and objectives.
Managers of a nursing staff implement career development practices as a way to support subordinate staff members and the results proved to be quite favorable. “Nurse managers attitudes toward evidence-based practice (EBP) influence the early adoption of best practices by their staff. The nurse manager has a pivotal role in providing opportunities for staff nurses to access, understand, and use EBP Staff nurses who are involved in EBP projects have the opportunity to strengthen critical-thinking skills and build team competencies as they work with colleagues to identify practice questions, search for and critique evidence, and translate their findings into


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