12 Angry Men: Analysis of the Film

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Analysis of
The film
12 Angry Men
Jason Lovett
MBA 611
Richard Devos School of Business Management
Northwood University

Executive Summary
The Movie "Twelve Angry Men" is the ultimate example of a group of people forced to interact in order to reach a single, defined goal. The jury, which consists of 12 men, must deliberate until a unanimous decision is reached. In this specific example, which takes place in a New York courthouse, the decision holds the life of an 18 year old in the balance. The movie is presented in a manner that allows the viewer to be the invisible jury member and sit in as they deliberate the fate of the defendant. The first vote is 11 to 1, finding the defendant guilty. The 12 men ride a rollercoaster of
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This statement immediately gets backing from juror 3 and the two begin to discuss the class of people that the defendant has come from. The words "they", "those people", and "them" are used repeatedly in describing how this certain class/group of people act and the kind of people they are. With this heated discussion being brought about there is one juror that is made noticeably uncomfortable. Juror number 5 appears to be holding in his tongue until he can no longer bear it. He burst out at Jurors 3 and 10 that he is too one of "them" and you may be able to "still smell the trash on him". He has taken personal offense to what the men have been saying about the "class" of people the defendant comes from and the type of people that "they" are. The manner with which he confronts the two gentlemen is very calm and reserved; though it is obvious he is offended. The other jurors jump in and persuade him to calm down; there was nothing personal meant by the comments. It is clear that the damage is done, but they are able to move on.
The Foreman attempts to get the get the group back on track and is ridiculed by 10. This immediately causes the Forman to confront 10 about his duties as the foreman and explains that he would be more than happy to allow someone else to take over the position. 10 quickly retracts his statement and the rest of the group assures 1 that he is doing an excellent job as the Foreman. 8 begins to speak again, this time suggesting


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