Needs of Diverse Learners Final

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Chapter 1 1. The maintenance of cultures as parallel and equal to the dominant culture in a society is?
Cultural pluralism

2. The concept that different cultural groups can and should maintain their unique cultural identities while participating equally in the dominant culture is

3. Culture influences the importance of prestige, status, pride, family, loyalty, love of country, religious belief, and honor. The manifestation of culture that is reflected in this statement is

4. The inability to view other cultures as equally viable alternatives for organizing reality is

5. The general process of learning the social norms of the culture is

6. The principle
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Accumulated money and property such as stocks, homes, and cars that can be turned into money is

48. The percentage of students who qualified for reduced-lunch program in 2008 was

49. The best predictor of occupational prestige is
Level of education

50. A group sharing the same economic and social status is

51. Ranking of people based on specific characteristics such as income, education, occupation, wealth, and power is
Social Stratification

52. A teacher's prediction of a student's academic achievement that becomes true as the student progresses through the education process is
Self-fulfilling prophecy

53. All of the following accurately describe the impact of poverty on students in schools EXCEPT
High-poverty schools were twice as likely to report no violent incidents as low-poverty schools

54. The group whose members work at manual jobs that do not usually require post-secondary education is
Working class

55. All of the following states are considered high-poverty states (over 25%) EXCEPT

56. The practice of separating students based on their perceived academic abilities for instruction that is supposed to be most appropriate to their abilities is

57. The legislation that requires public schools to provide educational rights and protections for homeless


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