Understanding the Management Role

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M4.01: Understanding the Management Role
This assignment is centred on understanding the role of the middle manager in my organisation, and the way in which it works.
The organisation in relation to its purpose and its stakeholders
My College has a clear purpose for moving forward as an organisation. Our mission is to provide outstanding education and training which is primarily vocational, in response to the needs of learners and employers. By doing this we are able to fulfil our vision, which is to continue to develop and be recognised as an outstanding educational and economic resource by learners, staff, employers and the wider community. We also feel that we can achieve our mission and vision whilst maintaining the following
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The Production/operations function is the one that concerns itself with the curriculum and the actual teaching element of our service to learners. There’s a Planning output aspect, where course master file are compiled. This is where managers are required to place courses on an internal system that show the plans for the department for moving forward. The Projections on future output go hand in hand with this, where teaching staff need to monitor success rates and enrolment numbers for putting on more qualifications of the same nature the following academic year. During the calendar, teaching staff are required to gain resources, through the production of schemes of work lesson plans and teaching materials. This is the preparation tool leading onto production methods, where teaching methods are delivered in order to get the best out of the learners. This can be evident with the quality of assignments that are submitted, subsequently producing qualified individuals for the working world.
Customer service in regards to my organisation is more focused around the student services department, who are on hand to handle enquiries like financial worries and applications, educational additional support as well as offering advice and dealing with complaints. Student services are often the essential link that can mean the difference between a positive learner experience, and a


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