Classroom Video Observations

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Virtual Classroom Observations Video 1-6
Dr. Susan Stanley
EDUC 656: Teaching Content Area Reading
Liberty University
By: Vanna Mata
November 22, 2015

Video 1: Mark Diacopoulos
In this video, Mr. Diacopoulos was teaching his class about the formation of the U.S. Constitution. He talked about the two sides of the politics; Federalists and the Anti-Federalists (Democratic Republicans). There were a couple of things that stood out for me in this video. First, it was his accent when he spoke. It was a little bit hard to understand. I also like that he had the Constitution posted on his walls. This allows the students to actual see what it is they are learning about. Another thing that stood out for me was how he allows the students
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It was not really portray in this video clip but he did discuss it during his interview. One thing that stood out for me was his attitude; he wanted them to feel safe and trusted in the classroom. He does not criticize the student who answered wrong (Rosa Parks did not fight against slavery-segregation). The main thing I would take from this clip would be bringing current events to the class. Just like Mr. Baker stated; the children are already learning prior to coming to class. It is up to the teachers to engage them with the new information with what is already happening to the students’ life. I like his methods of teaching by activating their prior knowledge of the lesson. I have not heard of Cornell Notes until this year and will probably use this in my future classroom. I think his final statement of how to balance the strictness with openness environment classroom is great and true. As a new teacher, I want the students to respect my authority but I want them to enjoy learning. In taking his approach of incorporating current real life events (pop culture, movies, and local news) to the materials that I am teaching, it would let the students know that I can relate to their life. If not all the times but they should be able to realize that they can trust me in teaching them the right things.
Video 4: Reading in the Content Areas: An Interdisciplinary Unit on the 1920s In this video clip, it shows how a high school History and English class came


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