The Changes the Obama Adminsitation Has Made in Foriegn Policy

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The US has received criticisms due to its post-9/11 foreign policy. Its policy created shifts in alliances and became a polarizing issue both domestically and internationally.
The US has had a significant shift since Barack Obama took office, moving away from the foreign policy that was in place under George W. Bush.
• Discuss the major changes the Obama administration made to US foreign policy.
• Analyze these changes in the context of the international system level, state level, and individual level.

It is arguable that the Bush doctrine, in 2002, was a necessary evil. While it was a proclamation of the right to self-defense through pre-emptive attack, it was not perceived that way by the majority of the world. It seemed to be
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The one change in foreign policy that overly affects American citizens is the placement of emphasis on neglected regions and issues. This means less attention to Iraq and Afghanistan and Pakistan and more of an interest in Indonesia and the failing domestic situation in Mexico. Now that focus is not centered on “the global war on terror” it leaves more time for issues such as the global financial crisis, economic development, and the environment. (The fact that natural resources is no longer being swept under the rug.)
With these new policies in place and actively being enforced or worked on, the Obama administration attempts restoring United States economic power through education and investing in infrastructure. The significant change has been the reform of the United States health care system. By default this will mean a restricting of the military since focus has shifted to non-conventional wars as well as an increase of public diplomacy and foreign aid. Naturally the foreign aid and more diplomatic efforts will place more of a strain on the American economy; yet, an increase in diplomacy will result in an increase of trading which will be good for investors as well as bringing more work to American citizens.
Basically the Obama administration has developed a more diplomatic solution to foreign affairs. The Bush doctrine, though temporarily effective, damaged the international reputation of the United