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Lisa Nix
Walden University

Dr. Amy Summer, Instructor
EDUC - 6709G - 1: Literacy Development in an Academically Diverse Classroom
June 22, 2014
Creating and implementing effective lessons for a literacy learner who is struggling with reading and writing takes much effort and appropriate resources. Throughout the Literacy Development course, I have gained much insight and resources that have become valuable tools in addressing students’ literacy needs. Each week, I conducted lessons and activities that targeted the needs of many students, but my initial focus on was on one particular student. His individual reading level, spelling development, and writing abilities were analyzed and the recorded data was used
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Literacy Learner Study

Introduction (1–2 paragraphs)
The literacy learner for this study is a second grade student.
He is a struggling reader and reads about 20 wpm.
This student receives ELL pull-out segments for 45 minutes each day.
He attends a reading program called Fast ForWord. This is a computer based reading program and each session is 45 minutes long.
This student is also in RTI Tier 3, and will be tested for special education services at the beginning of third grade.

Informal Literacy Assessments (3–4 pages)

Spelling Development (based on spelling assessment):
The student did not test past the first grade list of words on the spelling assessment. On some of the words, the student wrote the correct beginning and ending letters. The vowels especially short i and e tend to confuse the student. The words containing the CVCe pattern caused him to struggle during the assessment.

What is the student’s level of spelling and what does this mean instructionally?

This student is considered an emergent speller. Instructionally, he