Assisting Support Customers with Food and Drink

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Unit 4222-222 Support individuals to eat and drink

Outcome 1 Be able to support individuals to make choices about food and drink

Outcome 1

1. To establish with an individual the food and drink they wish to consume is always done by chose but also considering any dietary issues that need to be incorporated.
The use of customers care plan will first give you a brief outline of there allergies (if any), likes and dislikes so no what not to include within there choices.
Then the next step would be direct communication with the customer themselves using there chosen form of communication. This could be verbal, both (words or sounds), then there’s Mackiton , sign language or pointing to an object. Also use of eye contact,
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Providing the customers with there own space or if they prefer or assist them to find company to share whilst eating and drinking. To provide the customer with the necessary aids will help them to eat and drink as independently as possible and to assist when necessary.
2.To help an individual to consume manageable amounts of food and drink at their own pace, you would first be aware of the size of portions that is usually consumed by the customer, this information ids gathered from communication with other carers/parent/guardians or working professions and form own observation. Cutting the food into manageable pieces if necessary will reduce the risk of chocking and making the process more easy and enjoyable experience for the customer. You may need to encourage a customer to not eat too fast or to eat a little more if you feel they are under eating compared to there usual consumption. Observing any changing of appetite can be a good indicator that the individual may not be there self and further investigation can be taken to insure there well-being.
3.For some customers may require encouragement when eating and drinking, use a polite, empathic and motivating approach communicated in a personal centred way may help the individual to keep to there dietary needs and make them feel good about what they have accomplished for themselves.
4.When supporting a customer to clean themselves if food or drink is spilt Will depend on the level of support needed and


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