Test Questions for Learning Outcomes of Draft National Curriculum

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5 learning outcomes of Draft National Curriculum;

a)1= learner must be able to make informed decisions on , PEC
persona health
environmental health
community health

2= Learner must be able to demonstrate an active commitment to:CSS
community rights
social responsibilities
show sensitivity to diverse cultures & belief systems

3= Learner must be able to demonstrate understanding of & participate in activities
that promote movement & physical development (sporting activities)

4= Learner must be able to use acquired life skills to achieve & extend personal potential
so that he/she can respond effectively to personal challenges.

5= learner is able to make informed
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• In the senior phase of schooling learners are aided with career guidance.
• Instilling skills plays a major role in career ed cos choice of a career is one of the most important lifetime decisions a learner makes.

(f) Interview:
• Is a conversational exploration between a counselor & learner during consultation,
• Assists in gaining specific information about the learner.
• Interviewer’s attitude, personality, & approach plays a major role in administering a successful interview,
• Educational trust, understanding, & authority must be displayed to give the learner comfort, security & assurance.
• The idea is to guide learner towards maturity; & help solve a problem,
• Learner must be made to feel confident enough to disclose relevant information to complete the process,
• In order to achieve a learner’s cooperation, an atmosphere that guarantees intimacy must be provided.

(g) Life skills:
• This is a holistic development of learners, to progress academically, & instill lifelong learning.
• Aim to instill traits that would develop personality characteristics, ethics, values, morals, & human outlook.
• Empowerment to embrace the challenges in life; overcoming emotional & daily stresses.


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