Edu 669 the Reading, Writing Connection Entire Course

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EDU 669 The Reading, Writing Connection Entire Course

This course will emphasis the connection of reading and writing with a focus on the content areas. Students will be exposed to a variety of approaches including vocabulary techniques, comprehension strategies, and study techniques to use with learners. Issues of assessment, motivation, and cultural as well as linguistic diversity will also be addressed. Offered online. EDU 669 Week 1 Assignment Culturally Responsive Instruction Culturally Responsive Instruction. You have been learning about issues of cultural and linguistic diversity and their impact on student achievement. In this
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What are the learning objectives?
Identify materials necessary to complete the activity.
Indicate accommodations that might be necessary for culturally and linguistically diverse students.
Provide a step-by-step lesson plan for implementing this activity.
At which point in an early literacy program would this lesson be effective? EDU 669 Week 4 Assignment Critical Thinking Statements Critical Thinking Statements. After reading Chapters Seven and Eight of our text, Literacy: Helping Students Construct Meaning, you will write a three to five page paper that has three parts.
In Part I, you are to provide a reflective response to the following three questions. Justify your response using examples from current research. What is the relationship between reading and writing? Why is responding an important component of a research-based literacy Why is it important for educators to know the stages ofprogram? writing development?
In Part II, you are to use specific examples from your experience, the course text, and other scholarly sources to do the following regarding the challenges and adjustments for English Language Learners (ELL). Summarize some challenges ELL students might encounter when Propose adjustments that can beresponding in literacy situations. made to ensure the success of ELL students.
In Part III, you are to use specific examples from your experience, Critique the use ofthe