Pttils Assignment 1

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Unit 9: Understanding Inclusive Learning and Teaching in Lifelong Learning

Learning outcome 1: Understanding teaching and learning strategies in lifelong learning

I am a Dental Sister at Guys and St Thomas’ Hospital. I will be teaching 1st year Undergraduate Bachelor Dental Students (BDS). The 1st year BDS have to have certain criteria when enrolling on the 5 year BDS course the academic entry requirements are Biology and Chemistry A-level grade A, Mathematics A-level grade A, GCSE grade B in both English and Maths and all applicants must take UKCAT. There is also some non-academic entry requirements which include scholastic activity, community activity, general activity/interests and work shadowing/observation experience. The
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When looking at the group profile and the general comments about each learner I can see that TW will benefit from multi-sensory learning this give TW the chance to use all her sense’s which in turn will motivate her and build her confidence in her learning experience. According to the International Dyslexia Association (IDA), “multi-sensory teaching is an effective approach to teaching students with dyslexia”, they also go on to say that “In traditional teaching, students typically use two senses: sight and hearing. Students see words when reading and they hear the teacher speaking. But many children with dyslexia may have problems processing visual and auditory information. By including more of the senses, making lessons come alive by incorporating touch, smell and taste into their lessons, teachers can reach more students and help those with dyslexia learn and retain information” (,2013)

I also feel that TW will benefit from 1 to 1 opportunity’s and pair work.

MB enjoys group work and likes to be the leader, she may benefit from group work and co-operative learning, it may be a good idea be put PS in the same group as MB as MB can lead the group and PS may be encouraged to take part. PS may come up with ideas and help MB catch up with the work they