Team Dynamics

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Learning Plan Worksheet
This assignment provides students with an opportunity to prepare a comprehensive plan for their learning. Students examine their personal learning style, investigate time management strategies, and create a goal action plan.
Part One: Personality Styles
1. Complete the "Multiple Pathways to Learning Assessment" on pp. 41-42 in the text Keys to College Studying.
2. Complete Steps 1 and 2 of the "Personality Spectrum" on p. 46 in the text Keys to College Studying.
3. Using the information in Key 2.2 on pp. 43-44 and Key 2.3 on p. 48 of the text Keys to College Studying describe your optimal learning times and optimal learning environment.
My optimal learning times are in the
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studying at home
11:30 p.m. studying at home
12:00 a.m. studying at home

3. Speculate on at least two other time management strategies you can implement to maximize the amount of time you have at your disposal everyday. Describe how these strategies might be implemented.
a. Time Management Strategy One I could eat quicker, in an effort to create some free time.

b. Time Management Strategy Two I could workout quicker, in an effort to create some free time.
ParT Three: Goal Action Plan
Use the following action plans to record what actions are needed to accomplish at least one academic and at least one professional goal. The plan tells why, what, and how about the goals and allows you to monitor progress as you work towards the achievement of your goals.
Academic Goal Action Plan
1. Goal
Maintain at least a B average.

2. Type of goal

3. Purpose of goal
To ensure my entrance into graduate school.

4. Major benefit to me
Will make more lucrative job placement more likely.

5. Benefit to others
Better ability to provide for myself/family. Greater ability to do an effective job.

6. Barriers
Adequate funding; time management

7. Solution
Seeking federal funding if necessary; manage time wisely

8. Action milestones
Maintain B average every class.
Maintain B average every semester.
Maintain B average every academic yr.

9. Overall target date Jan. '07

10. Progress tracking Check with my


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