Diversity Training

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Introduction In this paper, the role of HR Manager is assumed at a company that has recently received complaints from employees about a lack of inclusion. An overview for a training program on diversity and inclusion for your organization's first line supervisors will be presented. In addition to a plan for the types of exercises, role-playing, or activities that will maintain participant interest and enhance the learning outcome in the body of the training plan. The utilization of both "Social Learning Theory" and "Adult Learning Theory" will be displayed in this training plan. Provide rationale for the activities and how they relate to the two learning theories. Lastly, I will discuss how this diversity training can modify employee …show more content…
Observe the employee as he carries out the behavior. Leaders should keep a continual eye on workers, making sure that they are following the procedures they modeled. If the employees are found not to be following these procedures, the leader should step in and correct the employee's behavior, encouraging him to adapt his behavior. Lastly, establish consequences for behavior deviation. When employees fail to follow the behaviors that the leaders are trying to endorse, there must be consequences for doing so. These consequences may involve simple verbal correction or be as severe as formal sanctions. Adult Learning Theory The assumption that there are significant, identifiable differences between adult learners and learners under the age of eighteen. The differences relate to an adult learner being more self-directing– “closely related to the developmental tasks of his or her social role” (Knowles, 1980, p.40). Andragogy means "the art and science of helping adults learn" (Knowles, 1980, p. 43). This emerging technology is based on six andragogy assumptions, 1. Need to know: Adults need to know the reason for learning.
2. Experience: Adults draw upon their experiences to aid their learning.
3. Self-Concept: Adult needs to be responsible for their decisions on education, involvement in planning and


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