BBC: Managing Diversity and Equality

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BBC Case on Managing Diversity and Equality

BBC Case on Managing Diversity and Equality

Introduction The paper will present a case study on the diversity and equality issues in the world’s largest broadcasting network, BBC. The company has employed around 24000 employees. It aims to reflect its audience with the diverse workforce as diversity is considered as a vital success factor of organisation. The company needs to focus on managing the diversity so that it can engage its audience as it targets the diverse people, in terms of age, gender, ethnicity, faith and religion, sexual orientation, political affiliation social and background. Since the audience is
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Furthermore, if the company wants to have some shows to be presented only by the younger generation, it must also prepare some shows that are represented by the middle aged and older employees to avoid discrimination on the grounds of age (Hacker 2011a, 64). In case of the BBC’s competitor, Channel 4, it has also been sued by its former horse racing pundit, John McCririck, when he was dropped from a show last year for being over age for the show. Now, the former employee is seeking £3m in damages from the company. He has claimed that he was dismissed from Channel 4 Racing without any consultation or explanation.
He has also claimed for £500,000 compensation against the company for unfair career damaging, loss of future earnings, mental anguish and public humiliation.

Recommendations in Relation To Policy and Practice on Sexual Harassment The company must establish the policy statement which states that sexual harassment would not be allowed within the premises of the organisation, and that every employee has a right of complaining if they face sexual harassment at the workplace. The statement must also make it obvious as to what is considered an inappropriate behaviour. The statement must also describe the procedure for making a complaint, and should also specify the applicable measures. It should also state the legal actions which would be taken against the person who would be found in engaging


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