Let’s Be Lefties for a Day!

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Introduction More and more todays professionals and managers are becoming diverse in ethnicity, cultural and gender. “Diversity benefits everyone” (Bell 5) and can bring great benefits to a business. The first thing I will mention is two men by the names of Cox and Blake that proposed several reasons how diversity could benefit organizations. Some, such as areas of cost, marketing, creativity, and problem solving (Bell 9). Second some components needed to change a business into becoming more diverse. The final is how being right handed and spending the day as a leftie helped to understand diversity and apply the knowledge in the work place. As professionals and managers understanding cultural differences will help develop a business …show more content…

With leadership, research and training. Being a leader means a strong person who believes in the need of change, and models positive behaviors so diversity can move forward. Research about diversity helps identify areas where change is needed and can become helpful in providing ideas on how to change them. Training must be an ongoing process and not a one-time deal (Cox & Black 1991). The Department of the Interior requires a completion of 8 minimum hours of training related to EEO (Equal Employment Opportunity) by all supervisors and managers annually by fiscal year. Training helps build skills and educates on specific cultural differences and how to professionally handle and respond to differences with in the workplace.
The lefties experiment In doing the experiment, I found it rather inconvenient, difficult, and time consuming and a bit awkward. This may sound nasty but something as small as changing a diaper on a baby that has just learned they can roll over is very challenging. Holding and using a curling iron for your hair was very time consuming and dangerous for my skin. Trying to write out a grocery list and being able to decipher it later was a bit inconvenient. As I have learned with this experiment lefties definitely have a disadvantage living in a right-handed word. Life definitely did not become any easier, but I am sure over time and practice it would become second nature. Just like understanding cultural difference it takes


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