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Area of Study 4- The Human Resource Function (i)
- Human Resource Management has replaced personnel management, in most large organisations.
- Personnel management is a narrower area of management concerned only in recruiting and keeping employment records.
- HR Managers contribute to the strategic and operational level, and previous personnel managements have had to take on broader tasks within the organisation, and HR is now a fully integrated function of the organisation.
- The role of a human resource manager is to plan, organise, lead and control all matters that relate to the employment of workers.
- Human Resource management is linked to productivity as it is directly linked to strategies and objectives of the
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- Advantages of Diversity Management:
Improves employee satisfaction, motivation and work performance Reduce costs associated with poor diversity management such as cost arising from poo/inefficient communication, conflict, absenteeism, staff turnover, recruiting short falls, and legal action. Taps into the skills, experience, and ideas of employees, which results in creativity and innovation in both operations and product development, for a more diverse range of customer Draws on cross cultural capabilities within the organisation for use externally.
- Implementing Diversity Management:
- The aim of diversity management is maximise the contribution of all staff to the objectives of the organisation, and these are some of the strategies they can use. Show that diversity is valued, and promoting its advantages to the organisation. Offering training to develop awareness of diversity among current staff Offering induction training to support new employees from particular groups
Establishing recruitment and selection process that widen the organisations pool of diverse applicants.
- Family Friendly Workplaces:
- This is a type of diversity management, because it is responding to the needs of a group within the work force. There may be some tension between family and work responsibilities and is one of the key reasons that women in particular leave organisations.
- Family friendly human resource


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