Diversity Training in the Workplace

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Abstract 4
Introduction 4
Gender Diversity 7
Diversity in Sexuality 8
Racial Diversity 10
Diversity in Age 11
Cultural Diversity 12
Religious Diversity 13
Importance of Diversity Training 18
Recommendations for Managers 22
Conclusion 26
References 28

This research paper addresses the importance of diversity training in the workplace. Having realized how pertinent workplace discrimination is globally, this paper will give a broad look into the various ways that diversity is displayed in the workplace. The diversity issues involving gender, sexuality, race, age, culture and religion will be explored,
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This is not only an issue that plagues the women of the United States, but globally.
Tim Smedley said in his article in People Management that women in London are still paid up to twenty-three percent less than men. He also noted that this data is current. In fact, London’s mayor Ken Livingstone said in his speech at the launch of the Women in London’s Economy 2008 report, that the situation had sadly remained the same since 2005 (Smedley, 2008). Reports in the Tribune Business News on October 4th, 2008 by Akemi Nakamura stated that, according to the Health, Labor and Welfare Ministry in Japan, full time female workers in 2007 earned on average sixty-six point nine percent of what men earned. Nakamura even went on to say that this gap could be attributed to the relative scarcity of women in managerial positions.
This scarcity comes as a result of the glass ceiling that has for decades kept women out of certain positions and roles in the workforce. Occupational segregation is an important issue in both the public and private sectors of the workplace. A research paper that was published by Bethany Sneed in the Public Administration Review concluded that although there has been some decrease in this form of segregation, it is still very prevalent. In fact, research suggests that two thirds of all working women or men would have to


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