Diversity at Marriott and Hyatt

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Diversity matters to every one of us. The hospitality industry makes us unique in that we are able to appeal to each and every person in one way or another. In the lodging segment of the hospitality industry we come in contact with a wide variety of people every single day. Diversity is defined as "recognizing, appreciating, valuing, and utilizing the unique talents and contributions of all individuals” (Webster, 1999) regardless of age, career experience, color, communication style, culture, disability, educational level or background, employee status, ethnicity, family status, function, gender, language, management style, marital status, national origin, organizational level, parental status, physical appearance, race, regional …show more content…

• Entered two-year commitment to sponsor Emmy winning weekly talk show, “Making it -Minority Success Stories™” which showcases emerging minority businesses.
• Executed Sales Team strategic initiatives to target the multicultural market.
• Implemented a Sales unit mentoring plan to promote the development and advancement of a diverse sales force.
• Formed relationships between members of our Sales Team and organizations whose initiatives are diversity focused.
To measure the diversity performance at Hilton Corporation, each year management at all owned and managed hotels have a specific written set of performance goals established. A set of written performance goals has also been implemented for all corporate management staff for annual measurement of their diversity performance. Hilton Corporation have been awarded and ranked in diversity. Some of these accomplishments include:
• Hospitality Industry Diversity Institute awarded Hilton’s CEO Stephen Bollenbach with a Lifetime Achievement Award for his vision and steadfast commitment to diversity.
• Hilton’s Legal Department’s Diversity Initiatives were recognized by the Minority Corporate Counsel Association‘s selection of Hilton as their Western Region 2002 Employer of Choice Award Winner.
• Fortune magazine ranked Hilton among America’s “50 Best Companies for Minorities” (years: 2000, 2001, and 2002).
• Saludos Hispanos magazine issued their 2002 Gold Medal


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