1. Explore the Significance of the British and American First-Past-the-Post Election System with Special Reference to Its Effect on the Party System in Each Country. How Does It Limit the Development of Third Parties?

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1. Explore the significance of the British and American first-past-the-post election system with special reference to its effect on the party system in each country. How does it limit the development of third parties? Why have the Liberal Democrats been successful in joining the government despite the strong limits on representation that the electoral system provides?
Britain and America are quite commonly known as first world countries (highly developed countries) and they are known to be the most powerful countries in the world. Britain and America practice the same type of electoral system that is first past the post. Their political system is large and intense mainly due to the size of the countries. As mention in the book
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Even though British uses first past the post to create a stable single government, question always arise about their representation and fairness. First past the post limits third party due to the voting system. In addition party and electoral system in Britain have contributed to the creation of parliament in which mostly seems to be dominated by white. Only recently in Britain non-white are MP. Just like in America women as well as non-white could not get the opportunity to vote but as time progress women as well as people from different ethnicity got an opportunity to vote.
During the 19th century African American and women allowed to vote but since the bill of right came, they had more liberty to vote. Democrats and republicans are the two leading parties in America (they are also other parties). Democrats had been a political party since the early 1900s and the Republicans in the late 1900s. The Republicans’ today as mention in the book Introduction to comparative politics: political challenges and changing agenda( fifth edition) depends on coalition to win and mostly people from the upper class (rich people). Democrats depend on votes from mostly elder people, the poor and also racial and ethnic minority. Presidential election in the US is held every four year. Senate every six year and house of representative every two year but all most have fix term whereas Britain election doesn’t have a fix term. Small parties and other parties


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