Carbon Monoxide

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Mike Parks
COMX 111
Informative Speech
Preparation outline

General Purpose: To inform my audience about Carbon Monoxide poisoning, symptoms of exposure, the effects it can cause, where it can be detected, and how to prevent becoming a victim of carbon monoxide poisoning.
Specific Purpose: To inform my audience how to become more aware of the dangers of carbon monoxide and how to prevent exposure.
Central Idea: Carbon Monoxide is a deadly, odorless, colorless, tasteless gas but with proper education and detection you can avoid becoming another statistic of carbon monoxide poisoning.

I. What is Carbon Monoxide poisoning? (According to Anne Marie Helmenstine) A. Carbon Monoxide poisoning is when a person
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B. Older adults: The older you get your body seems to ache and get sore more so than of course when you were younger. You may have more difficulty with Carbon Monoxide as you get older. You may have a medical condition that is made worse with carbon monoxide exposure. C. Pregnant women: You may breath faster during pregnancy. This causes you to breath in more carbon monoxide. D. Smokers: You normally breathe in small amounts of carbon monoxide from the smoke. This increases the amount of carbon monoxide in your body, so you are at higher risk of carbon monoxide poisoning if you are exposed to another source of carbon monoxide. E. People with medical conditions: Blood vessel disease, Heart disease, etc. F. Certain workers: If you work in construction or agriculture you will more than likely be around equipment or chemicals of some sort that produce carbon monoxide. III. What are the signs and symptoms of carbon monoxide poisoning? A. Immediate signs and systems: You may have any of these systems right after you are exposed to carbon monoxide. 1. Blurred vision, dizziness or a headache. 2. Nausea or vomiting. 3. Faster breathing than normal or trouble breathing. 4. Weakness or muscle pain. 5. Dark or red urine. 6. Chest pain, or a fast, strong, or irregular heartbeat. 7. Confusion, fainting, or


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