Reflective Summary Of Strategic HRM MHancock

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Reflective Summary of Strategic HRM
Meredith Hancock
Grand Canyon University: MGT-434
Professor Mike Crawford

Reflective Summary

The Organization evaluation is used to assess the overall performance of The Cellular Store. This performance review is based on the performance management, retention, diversity management, and hiring. This evaluation pays a vital role in employee raises, promotions, and company growth. The objectives established for this year will push the company to higher levels, but still have that hometown feel. These objects address the requirements of The Cellular Store organization, regarding retention, performance improvement, and the implementation of the diversity
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If you follow these steps in the everyday strategy for each employee than the business will be successful. (Performance Management, 2014)
Diversity and Equal Opportunity Employment The Human Resources Department will develop a handbook on federal, state, and local labor, workplace diversity, and employment laws. HRM will emphasize The Cellular Store as being committed to be a workplace with zero tolerance. The Cellular Store does not care of your color or background we are an equal opportunity employer. Anyone who has a problem with someone of a different culture or background will be on grounds for termination.
Successes and Areas of Improvement for the Future The organization is committed and guaranteed to sign off on any and all proposals that are developed and presented by Human Resources that proves to be feasible and improves the quality of life for the company. Working with each supervisor one at a time in order to improve their work along with the work of their employees, this is also a time to set goals for their team and bonuses that can be given once the goal is met.
The object of the hiring process should be to identify and attract new potiential employees who have met all the requirements to work for The Cellular Store and have worked through all the