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1.1 Business Ideas and Goals
This business plan is for “Body Care Therapy”, a new medium-sized massage shop located in Melbourne Central Shopping Mall, Victoria. Body Care Therapy offers its customers a comfortable, relaxing service. The therapy can provide benefits to general health by relieving stress and tension as well as relaxing mind and body.
The owner plan to begin by hires
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Section 3: Marketing
3.1 Market Research
The follow sources were used to prepare this business plan:
Yellow Pages
Australian Bureau of statistics
NSW Small Business Adviser’s Network
Personal interview with several business enterprise centers in and around Melbourne.
Institute of Management Consultants, Australia
A brief survey of SMEs that already use outside consultants
Other existing management consultancies
A search of the relevant management literature

3.2 Market analysis a. Industry analysis
The market of the massage industry in Melbourne had significant demand, but also a lot of competition. This career has good salary in Melbourne and has a lot of massage training schools. Therefore, I do not need to worry about employee availability. According to the yellow pages, there are 2037 massage therapies in Melbourne, and 129 of them in Melbourne’s CBD. According to market research, more and more people in Melbourne are likely to have had a massage they can find good feelings about. Data shows, every year there is an increase in money flowing into this business industry. In the Victorian state, a number of students take massage course after they finish high school. Massage therapy is a popular profession to go into when working for them. Now massage schools are moving quickly to accommodate that need. b. Seasonality The busiest season of this business is summer, near Christmas time. This is because the time


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