Case Study on South African Breweries Ltd (Sab)

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Company Background 2 Challenge for the Company 3 Policy/ Strategy 3 Paradoxes and debates around strategy 4 Mintzbergs’ Theory 4 Strategy theory of Wittington 6 Planning procedure and strategic decision making 7 Adding Of Value 8 Keeping Balance In Globally and Locally 9 Considering Global Market 9 The Global Expansion Challenges for SABMiller 10 Conclusion 11 References 12

Company Background

South African Breweries Ltd (SAB) is one of the major global brewers. It is the supplementary of a South African company SABMiller plc. Now it has more than 200 brands brewing interest and circulation in 75 countries worldwide. SAB has the leading position to produce and distribute both alcoholic and
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Strategy helps to create major policy and plan to achieve company objectives. The range of the business to follow for the company is also described by strategy. Micheal Porter narrates strategy is about being different or unique. According to him within strategy an organisation purposely sets up a unique package of activities to deliver a mix of value.
Paradoxes and debates around strategy

The theory of strategy is an academic field which is diversified by many experts as they expressed on the base of different understanding. Thus theories derived from different experts have contradiction as well. Some of the renowned experts as Whittington (2002), Mintzberg (1990, 1998), Schendel (1994) and Kuhn (1996, 1970) have described strategy with the help of several schools. In this study i will try to focus on Mintzberg and Whittington theories.
Mintzbergs’ Theory
Mintzberg has described strategy or exerts his concepts, idea about strategy with the help of ten schools. They are: Planning, Entrepreneurial, Cognitive, Design, Positioning, Learning, Culture, Environment, Power and configuration. Thinking of each individual school is important separately but they have link with each other while judged. “All of them make a concept together while generating a variety of strategies for an establishment. Schools | Planning | Design | Positioning |


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