Canyon Ranch

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Due September 22, 2009

1. What is the value of customer information to Canyon Ranch? To Canyon Ranch, customer information is vital in order to successfully implement their business model. The value that it provides to the business is the ability to understand each customer’s unique needs and provide appropriate alternatives that will allow each guest to achieve their individual goals. This is essential for Canyon Ranch to attain its mission to “inspire people to make a commitment to healthy living, turning hopes and intentions into the highest enjoyment of life” ( By gathering and sharing guests’ information, Canyon Ranch can assimilate it to “understand their customers, built
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By building a referral reward system into the CRM, which does not exist today, customers can be rewarded for their spending habits and for sharing their experiences with other potential visitors. By offering free services, upgrades, and other high-value rewards, Canyon Ranch will build a stronger CRM list and better utilize company resources. A final strategy that would benefit from a CRM tool is reducing attrition among the program coordinators. Although this was not explicitly stated in the case as a strategy, it was mentioned that turnover is an issue. One of the challenges mentioned is that handoff between reservations and program coordination is disjointed and flawed. This may be a large source of stress for program coordinators and thus one possible root cause for attrition in this group. By providing well-integrated information systems, program coordinators would have access to enough information about guests before their arrival and be able to immediately begin to build a positive experience with the customer. This information can also assist the program coordinator in anticipating customer needs based on market trends and specific customer behavior, which is essential for them to formulate solutions to accommodate all scenarios.

3. What advice do you have for Canyon Ranch executives? I would advise Canyon Ranch


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