Investment Case

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Cover Letter

To the directors of Eagle’s Nest

Re: Proposed Investment of USD$ 75 Million in Business Expansion

In accordance with our previous discussion, as promised, attached is our proposal to provide business investment plan for Eagle’s Nest Hotels Inc., prepared by the following staffs: Weng Hong Hoh, Kang Yi, Nicklas Ivarsson and Moneeb Aziz.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank for all the guidance throughout this project. This proposal contains plenty of information and ideas that we thought are suitable for the company’s strategy. The preferred option for investment, namely Aurora Resorts in Scandinavia Peninsula, has been offered for the consideration of the board and a detailed plan for implementation
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This proposal includes: * Details of the investment ideas * Cost benefits of the investment * Recommended idea & Project Plan * Conclusion
In this proposal, we offered our ideas for Eagle Nest’s new business expansion, as well as to recommend the preferred option for the investment. Besides, it included further details about the preferred investment plan.

2.1 Background
According to the research and analysis result, the current situation of Eagle Nest’s Hotel Inc. was disappointing, the weaknesses and threats are as follows: * Share price of the company dropped significantly as last record * The chance of a hostile takeover increases * Company’s profile flat
In order to maintain and revive the company, the directors’ board has made a decision on investing in a new business venture and hopefully, this investment is a turning point for the company.

3.0 Investment Ideas
After our discussions, we came up with 10 ideas noted as follows:

1. Eagle Nest Resorts & Spa along the East Coast of America
2. Eagle Nest Resorts & Spa in Hawaii
3. Eagle Nest Resorts & Spa in South East Asia
4. Aurora Resorts in Iceland with spa
5. Aurora Ski Resorts in Norway
6. Aurora Resorts with unique activities
7. Aurora Resorts in north of Sweden
8. Castles by Eagle Nest with cooking course in Italy
9. Castles by Eagle Nest with garden
10. Castles by Eagle


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