Ppg Developing a Self Directed Work Force

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Running Head: PPG: Developing a Self-Directed Work Force

Final Paper
Raul Polo Jr.
Carlos Albizu University

Submitted To: Dr. Adkins
November 6th , 2011

GEB-314 Group & Organizational Dynamics


A self-directed workforce is where the employees manage themselves and can perform multiple tasks. No need for a lot of middle management, because the employees will manage each other and themselves. A company like PPG wanted to implement a self-directed workforce because it saves them money in the long run. The workers union in a non-self-directed workforce gave them headaches. The workers were only allowed to perform one job task. It prevented them from working efficiently. If a machine
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They need to take more frequent breaks in between working hours. Proper stretching before working will help as well. Ergonomics training classes should be held to educate workers about repetitive motion sickness. Job rotation can then be increased back to 50 hours.
Recognition and rewards, didn’t want to get praised.
Praise and individual rewards should be given privately. Team rewards should be implemented. Promotions should be decided by a combination of seniority and possibly 360 degree evaluation. Maybe even by voting?
Employees unhappy about shift rotations and company policy.
More pay to people that work night shifts. Don’t delegate shifts. Let employees decide first. Seniority gets priority. Maybe change them on a yearly basis.
Management can’t give company policy powers to the workers. Management needs to make those decisions and stick by them. If the employees make those types of decisions, the benefits might become outrageous. It sounds like they still need a union. A union that will let workers do multiple tasks and have more flexibility. Reward systems that can help PPG, skill based pay – based on skill. Get certified, get a raise. The more jobs mastered, the higher the pay. Broad banding – create bands. Each band has a pay scale and employees move laterally in the band.
Band one – supporters, technicians
Band two – coordinators, middle management
Band three – upper management
Concierge service – services in the company so


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