Mandarin Oriental

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1. Executive summary
2. Introduction 2.1 Brand overview 2.2 Attraction of the brand
3. Market analysis 3.1 Market research 3.3 Brand SWOT analysis 3.4 Consumer group analysis 3.5 Market segmentation
4. Advertising strategy 4.1 New product and service description 4.2 Objective, vision and mission 4.3 Slogan and logo design 4.4 Marketing/promotional method 4.5 Pricing strategy
5. Advertising campaign 5.1 Objectives 5.2 Advertising 5.3 Outdoor advertising 5.4 Social media 5.5 Website promotion 5.6 Public relations 5.7 Expected advertising effects
6. Financial summary 6.1 Budget allocation
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Our advertising planning team’s strategy –“Ultimate luxury experience”-is aimed to make Mandarin Oriental Singapore to be recognized widely as the best global luxury hotel group, which it will achieve by investing in its exceptional facilities and its people while continuing to seek further selective opportunities for expansion around the world. This strategy combined with a strong balance sheet is designed to achieve long-term growth in both earnings and net asset value. Creating a strong brand presence and effect in the top ‘world’ cities of Singapore is crucial to keep position in Singapore hotel market, and Mandarin Oriental will continue to benefit from the prominent exposure by our advertising strategy. In general, the target of our advertising campaign is aimed at creating brand awareness, increasing revenues, establishing positive image, and market penetration.

The high-end luxury hotel market has grown crowded recently, making it extremely challenging for its players to cut through the competitive field. To make sure it stood out from the crowd,We plan a new multi-faceted Ad campaign for Mandarin Oriental Hotel Singapore-“ultimate luxury experience” – which comes to life through print, digital and so on. The campaign aspires to talk to today's modern business traveler, "If you are


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