Management Skills Learning & Development Plan

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Career Goal and Opportunities ________________________________________

As a first time manager my short term goal (next 2-3 years) is to establish myself in my current role and develop my management skills. Drucker (2005) discusses the importance of working to my strengths, having good self-awareness and an understanding how I perform. As part of my career goal I would like to complete the relevant tertiary education (MBA) to equip me with the tools to enable my success.

As a medium term goal (next 3-5 years) my aim is to move up into a regional management position to further develop my practical experience, expand my area of expertise from predominantly mortgage sales to a broader scope of business management and develop a network
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This skill gap was again made apparent when I later repeated Whetten’s diagnostic survey for building effective teams (Whetten 2005) which highlighted facilitating team development as a skill gap.
• Thirdly I have found through completing the PAMS test that developing resiliency to stress is a skill gap that I need to address if I am to be successful (and happy) in my career. Coutu (2002) asserts that a person’s level of resilience under stress will determine if they are successful or not.

Learning Goals and Plan

Skill Area: Time Management

At the moment my job involves both looking after my team of mobile lenders as well as still doing the role of a mobile lender so my day to day workload can throw up many varied tasks every day. According to Flanagan & Finger (2003) you should do the important things first, giving the greatest and most immediate attention to the most important jobs. My ability to learn to prioritise is going to paramount if I am to become more skilled at time management.

Broad Goal: “Better manage my time to become more effective and allow me the time to develop my team”

SMART Goal: “Beginning immediately I will implement all 5 time management action plans below and keep a record of when they have been used. This will then be diarised for review by December 2010”.

Strategies and action plans:
• Complete the 7 day “Monitoring and managing time” assignment (Carlopio and


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