Drug Trafficking Outline

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What is your thesis statement?
Drug trafficking has played a huge role on many people's lives. It is believed to be stimulated by their environments, peers, upbringings and psychological factors.
I. Introduction II. First main point-Drug trafficking impacts the lives of people of all ages. A. Supporting details-Drug trafficking influences and impacts the lives of people at a very young age. 1. Sub details-Teens and children are influenced to enter the world of drug trafficking by being lured into the fact that they will make a lot of money which in the drug trafficking business there is no such thing since there is either very little pay to no pay whatsoever. 2. Sub details-Young people normally cannot escape
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A. Supporting details-When the brain releases adrenaline it is caused by the situation that may make you fear your life, or make you excited. 1. Sub details-People may and in most cases do get addicted to the feeling of adrenaline. 2. Sub details-Adrenaline rushes may make someone want to do something that they normally do not do. B. Supporting details-Adrenaline can cause your moods change dramatically. 1. Sub details-After becoming addicted to the feeling of adrenaline it is possible to lose control of your feelings which can lead to problems in relationships and some disorders as well. 2. Sub details-After your moods change and you experience some problems in relationships and some disorders you lose all type of control of your life. VI. Conclusion-In conclusion, drug trafficking does take a toll on people’s lives and it is believed to be stimulated by their peers, environments, upbringings, and psychological factors it is ultimately up to the person to decide if they want to be involved in that type of lifestyle.

Explain in a short paragraph why you decided to sequence your paragraphs as you did. Your explanation must be at least 150 words in length.
I choose to write my outline in this sequence because I want to show what are the impacts drugs has in people’s lives as a young age to adult age as well as their live style that they are living. Also


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