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Running head: Rixos

Rixos Hotel in Kazakhstan:
Rixos President Astana and Rixos Almaty

Marketing Project

Group #

Marketing Plan:
I. Executive summary
II. Current marketing situation
A. Market overview
i. Market demographics and needs ii. Market trends and target market growth
B. SWOT analysis
i. Strengths ii. Weaknesses iii. Opportunities iv. Threats
C. Competitive and industry analysis
D. Product overview
E. Keys to success and critical issues
III. Environmental analysis
A. Macroenvironmental factors
B. Microenvironmental factors
C. Competitive strategy
IV. Marketing Strategy
A. Mission
B. Marketing objectives
C. Financial
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This acts as a means of investing in, and supporting the community structure, rather than shifting alliances to large 'newcomer' suppliers, despite the potential cost savings involved.
This attitude supports the brand principles of the Rixos Hotel, which has had a presence in Astana for 5 years and in Almaty for 2 years and is going to continue well supported by local business requirements for rooms, conference facilities and catering business functions.

Market Needs
The Rixos Hotel offers benefits and value to clients, over and above the standard of facilities and affordable rates. They seek to provide guests with an exemplary personal service, and level of recognition that visitors have come to rely upon. Rixos Group provide guest with a luxurious, relaxed environment. Guests need to know that they can develop a relationship with the hotel that will ensure efficiency, value for their money and reliability in supplying them with the support they need, when they need it. The Rixos Hotel operates in Almaty and Astana with a very strong sense of community, and Rixos Group of hotel want to stay an integral part of that community.

Market trends and target market growth
Market Trends
Corporate Travel Policies: As a financial crisis situation in Kazakhstan last two years influence on travelling in both domestic and international