Case of Lincoln Electric Company

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we know that Lincoln Electric Company is a famous company and it has high profit for it has some unusual system and rule. However, according to today business, we could know that the Lincoln Electric Company will meet some problems for its old system and rule. Thus, I will point out some problems in Lincoln Electric Company and also give my recommend in order to solve those problems.
1. The Lincoln Electric Company uses it old point of view to make their strategy without environment changing. According to case, we know the company always has its own company value and rule to face its business environment. However, the business environment is always changed and company will meet the some problem in its business
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2006) Thus, we know money might be a good motivation tool but its not very perfectly and it needs more other motivating strategy.
5. The Lincoln Electric Company does not support any change by its company value
Last problem, we know because Lincoln Electric Company has its owe company value like evolutionary rather than revolutionary. Thus, Lincoln Electric Company does not consider about changing even environment changing. ¡§The need for organizational flexibility to accommodate a changing world is well understood. Today's high-velocity and competitive markets apply added pressure to adapt rapidly and perform at high levels. Technology is opening up new ways to compete while making old ways obsolete. These trends are recognized in strategic management theories that focus on constant change and speed.¡¨ (Charles, Peter . 2002) and ¡§¡Kglobal competition requires managers, leaders, and professionals to think of ways to continuously change their organization in order to gain the competitive advantage! In fact, in the past decade, managers have led the following


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