Maintaining Confidentiality

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Maintaining Confidentiality
Course 117
TWO contact hours
By: Monica Oram, RN, BSN
Upon completion of this course the reader will be able to achieve the following objectives:

1. Define confidentiality and related key terms 2. Define the concepts concerning confidentiality 3. Understand what is considered confidential information 4. Understand the outcomes of breach of confidentiality 5. Understand responsibilities as a healthcare worker with private and confidential information. 6. Understand about informed consent 7. Recognize confidentiality related to HIV/AIDS patients

Defining Key Terms

Confidentiality is a term that indicates preserving the privacy of the persons in which you care for. This
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Remember to always respect information given to you with high regard to confidential matters unless it is in the best interest of the resident or client for this information to be shared with appropriate resource personnel.

Negative outcomes

Negative outcomes of a breach in confidentiality include: 26 The facility or agency may reprimand a healthcare worker, such as disciplinary action against the employee for breaching confidentiality related to patient care issues. 27 The resident or client may suffer embarrassment and emotional distress 28 Irreversible damage may be done to the caregiver/ care receiver relationship. 29 The resident or client may file charges against the healthcare worker, staff, and facility. They may be able to sue and win compensation for breach of confidential matters.

Remember, often times it is not WHAT we say, But rather HOW we say it, and more importantly.. WHO we say it to. Never forget that lives are affected by breaching confidentiality.

Responsibilities of Healthcare Workers with Private and Confidential Information.

Guidelines for protecting private and confidential information include the following: 30 Discuss resident and client information ONLY in a place that is away from other residents, families and visitors. 31 Report should not be given at the nurses station, as this is not a private area, with much opportunity for information to be overheard. 32


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