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Quinte MRI, Inc. is a small international provider specializing in a variety of medical technologies including MRI. Quinte MRI’s founder, Dr. Syed Haider believes that the residents of smaller communities deserve the same level of health services as the residents of the larger urban centers. Quinte MRI is experiencing difficulty in meeting the expectations of 2 scans per hour. As a result, productivity is declining and they losing the referral of many of their colleagues. The process is creating a lot of variability and uncertainties that Quinte MRI are dealing with. Solving the issue of the “bottleneck” will make the operation more effective and manageable. By assuming the role of David Wright and Kevin Saskiw, I will recommend a …show more content…

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The administrators at BCMC believed that there was an opportunity to compete successfully with a third MR machine in Adelaide County. There appeared to be enough demand (annual scan rate in the US: 68 per 1000 people). Many physicians in the area have become frustrated with the backlog at BCMC. 14 days in their opinion is too long to wait for MRI results. Most of these physicians are now sending their patients elsewhere which is taking $ 700.00 away from the clinic each time they do so. The clinic currently experiences plenty of idle time. For example, when a patient meets the technologist, the first thing that they do is qualifying. The technologist examines the patient to see if there are any medical conflicts that would prevent them from performing the scan. This takes approximately 5 minutes. If so, the patient is sent home creating idle time. In addition to checking for possible health risks, the technologist also ensures that patients are not wearing clothes with metal components. If the patient is wearing clothing with a metal component, then they must change into a hospital gown, which will take approximately 4 minutes. In order to cease this idle time and loss in revenue, the clinic must put some new measures in place in order to make this investment prosperous. Dr. Syed Haider has acquired the services of David Wright and Kevin Saskiw to make recommendations on ways to improve the performance of the MRI


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