The role of supportive relationships to reduce the risk of abuse and neglect

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Unit 11, P6: The role of supportive relationships to reduce the risk of abuse and neglect

In order for a vulnerable individual to feel confident and feel as his/her needs are met, a supportive relationship is essential. A supportive relationship is a relation based on empathy and encouragement and based on the individuals supporting each other in different ways, in order to maintain happy and healthy, physically and mentally. Without a supportive relationship, individuals might not feel confident or they might feel withdrawn and neglected by the person who is taking care of them. Without a supportive relationship people might start feeling self-conscious or they might become depressed as they might feel as people do not want to be
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By doing this, a supportive relationship will be more effective. If the professional knows how the service user likes to communicate or be treated then it will be easier for the two individuals to create an effective supportive relationship. This also helps the professional to notice any changes in the service user’s behaviour, this could help prevent or stop abuse.
Confidentiality is very important when working on a supportive relationship. A professional must make sure that they do not share personal information about the service user with anyone that isn’t supposed to know about it. When a professional wants to talk to the service user about a personal matter (e.g. bladder problems) , they must make sure that they do it somewhere private without others listening, as the service user might feel uncomfortable. Although confidentiality is one of the key aspects of a supportive relationship, a professional has to share certain information with other professionals or the service user’s family, in order to benefit the individual. Maintaining confidentiality is very important in a supportive relationship as it might bring confidence into the service user and they will feel like they are respected. Keeping the confidentiality of the service users can also make the feel safe and protect them from abuse.
Working Practices
It is well known that the way a professional


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