Healthcare Case Study

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The Liberty Medical Group (A) 1. Prepare a brief situational analysis of LMF for Dr. Townsend, identifying at least 3 internal issues and 3 external issue/competitive issues that are affecting LMF.
Liberty Medical Foundation, which includes Liberty Medical Group (LMG) and Liberty Medical Plan (LMP), is a physician-centered, group-practiced health maintenance organization. Liberty was one of the first organizations to embrace “evidence-based” medicine, whereby an effort was made to identify best practices and develop standardized protocols for applying them, limiting the need for unnecessary tests and procedures. Liberty also invested in education and information about “home treatment” to aid minor illnesses and injuries to begin
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Be specific.
During his first 90 days as the new CEO to LMF, Dr. Townsend should put emphasis on both, internal and external, issues the organization is facing. He should conduct the necessary research to gain a better understanding of what are the top internal issues as well as the top external issues, while also facing any problems that may arise. In gaining a thorough understanding of the organization’s issues, Dr. Townsend will be able to implement a strategy to restore the organizations financial health, as well as improve its environment between the staff and physicians and improve on providing better customer service. One of his top priories should be to develop a better model to serve the organizations patients in a way that every patient that is served by the organization is satisfied. Dr. Townsend should restructure the organization to ensure that the executives do not implement policies that will conflict with the physicians’ interest. There should be constant communication with physicians, support and administrative staff, which would improve the morale of the internal environment. In regards to the organizations financial health, it will definitely take more than 90 days to resolve these issues. However, it should also be a priority because the organization needs to be financially stable to continue operating and serving the community. 4. Advise Dr. Townsend on the steps he will


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