Formal Lab Report Graphing Anaylsis

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Angelina Mass-Valderrama
CHM1032 summer ‘12

Graphing and Estimating
Formal Lab Report

Introduction: Today scientists put acquired data into a form of a graph. This said graph is designed to help make predictions and furthermore, study and understand the experiment and its contents at hand. The Graphing and Estimating lab involves just that. The lab is designed to collect data from several tests involving burn time of a candle.
Oxygen, O2, is a kind of gas. A lot of the air we breathe as human beings is oxygen. Which is good since we need oxygen to stay alive. Oxygen is also a primary element in fire. Fire is a chemical process. Three elements are needed for this process: oxygen, heat and fuel. Without one of those
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Conclusion: From the data we can conclude what happens to the burning time, as the beaker size gets smaller. The larger the beaker, the more oxygen the flame can utilize to burn longer. As we notice from Figure 1.1 and the attached graph, we can visualize what happens to the oxygen supply, as the beaker gets smaller. We can conclude that there is less oxygen for the flame to burn, as each beaker being tested gets smaller.

Sources of error: There is always some error in measurements. It is easy to misread an instrument. Especially when recording volume from a graduated cylinder. It is pertinent to make sure we know what the units are when recording data from an instrument. In the experiment, a common source of error was mainly the wick size of the candle. Many candles that were being used in the experiment were used once or twice before and were hard to light, for starters. These candles were less reliable because we could not produce a true steady