Level 3 Diploma Children and Young Peoples Workforce Unit 051

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Unit 051 – Promote Communication in Health, Social Care or Children’s and Young Peoples Settings.

Outcome 1 - Understand why effective communication is important in the work setting.

1.1. Identify the different reasons why people communicate.
The reasons for People communicating are:

• to express needs and wishes
• to share ideas and information
• to reassure
• to express feelings and/or concerns
• to build relationships and socialise
• to ask questions
• to share experiences

1.2. Explain how communication affects relationships in the work setting.

Poor communication can lead to misunderstandings and poor performance. More seriously can lead to harming a child and/or breaking the law.
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4.1. Explain the meaning of confidentiality.

Confidentiality – information is kept secret and only shared with people who need to know. Not to be made public.

4.3. Describe the potential tension between maintaining an individual’s confidentiality and disclosing concerns.

When you work in a child care setting, you may fine out a lot of information about the children and their families. You may hear about divorces, illnesses, money problems, drug addiction, abuse, as well as other personal information. All this information needs to be handles carefully. Keeping up to date on laws and regulations and making sure you follow the guide lines on what should and shouldn’t be shared. Don’t share information with people who don’t need to know. Information should only be given to authorized people who need it to make decisions regarding a child’s care. Some information should be shared with all child care providers i.e. allergies or any heath conditions that need to be made aware off i.e. asthma. Any written information/personal information must be kept in a safe place and not left laying around for other parents or staff to see. This information should be in a locked file cabinet in the office. Don’t gossip – sharing information regarding a child’s personal information could lead to stories being made worse than what they are. The only information what has to be disclose is that of concerns of any kind of abuse, and this information must be documented and