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PWCS 31: Principles of communication in adult social care Identify the different reasons people communicate.
One of the reasons people communicate is to understand each other. Understanding is a big part of communication as you have to understand what people problems may be, but also to take on board their views and opinions on the situation to be in a position to hopefully sort out their underlying problems.
Another reason people communicate is so that they can build positive relationships with people and ensure that any support that may be needed, is given in the right way. Positive relationships can turn into wonderful things and can create a great bond with the other person involved which also creates trust eventually.
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You may also want to have your own opinion on someone rather than having someone else’s based on the information they have/know about that person.
2.2 Describe the factors to consider when promoting effective communication.
There are many factors to consider when promoting effective communication, a few are listed below: Their abilities Their needs Eye contact Body language Cultural differences Approach
A person’s abilities are a large factor to consider when promoting effective communication as they may not be able to communicate in the same way that you can. For example, they could be deaf, blind, speak a different language to you, have a physical or mental disability which is stopping them communicate in the same way that you do. They may need sign language, braille, an interpreter or general support to help them to communicate with you. Just because someone doesn’t communicate in the same way as you does not mean that you are unable to communicate, they may just need a little more time to get across their feelings and it is all about you taking the time to understand how they communicate and to respect that. You can also learn a lot


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