How Could You?

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Act 1 Study Guide 1. What do the witches in Scene 1 inform the readers? 2. In Scene 2, what does Duncan order Ross to do? 3. In Scene 3, why does Shakespeare most likely have the witches speak in rhyme instead of blank verse? 4. How does Macbeth show his ambition and curiosity about becoming king in Scene 3? 5. Duncan says to Macbeth, “Would thou hadst less deserved,” in Scene 4, line 18. What does he mean by this? 6. How does Lady Macbeth know that Duncan is coming to her castle? 7. What does Lady Macbeth’s greeting in Scene 5, lines 51-55 show about her feelings towards Macbeth’s position? 8. Why is Duncan’s reference to Lady Macbeth as a “noble hostess” in Scene 6, line 24 of this tragedy an …show more content…

4. Why is Lady Macbeth angry with her husband in Scene 2? 5. What do you know that makes the son’s joke to his mother an example of dramatic irony in Scene 2, lines 54-55? 6. Reread Scene 2, lines 77-78 and the sidenote for line 77. Paraphrase Lady Macduff’s insult. 7. Why does Malcolm claim in Scene 3 that Scotland will suffer more troubles? 8. What does King Edward’s special ability of healing disease through prayer say about his character? 9. What does Malcolm want Macduff to do to keep his heart from breaking in Scene 3? 10. Who/what does Macduff blame the deaths of his wife and children on? 11. Choose one of the three apparitions that Macbeth sees in Scene 1. Explain how the apparition’s appearance matches the news it brings Macbeth. 12. How does Scene 1 present Macbeth as a tragic hero and also reveal his tragic flaw?

Act 5 Study Guide 1. The Gentlewoman reports what in Scene 1 about Lady Macbeth? 2. Although invisible to others, in Scene 1 what does Lady Macbeth try to wash away? 3. What information about Caithness give about Macbeth? 4. What is Macbeth unconcerned in Scene 3 about the thanes who leave him to fight with Malcolm? 5. How is Macbeth’s request to the Doctor an example of dramatic irony? 6. Why does Macbeth decide to go outside the caste and fight in Scene 5? 7. What does Malcolm’s command of the invading forces in


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