Harley Davidson

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Harley-Davidson, Inc:
Identifying eBusiness Risks and
Related Assurance Services for the eBusiness Marketplace
(Case Study)

1. What new risks did Harley-Davidson face by integrating eBusiness into its supply-chain management system and by allowing suppliers to have access to the company’s Intranet?
E-commerce is a fantastic way for businesses to connect with customers around the world in a way that has never before been possible. Yet, that is not to say that eBusiness does not have risks that entrepreneurs must be aware of before setting up a presence online. Harley-Davidson faces a variety of risks by integrating eBusiness into its supply-chain management system and allowing supplier to have access to the
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5) Harley-Davidson should require that the suppliers stay up to date on current technology by purchasing and maintaining hardware and software that is compatible with the new management system. The company should implement a training process and educate all suppliers and Harley-Davidson employees on operation of the new supply-chain management system.

3. Given the technology linkages between business partners in eBusiness systems, how might an eBusiness system like Harley-Davidson’s increase business risks for its business partners?
1) Quality of the IT system, including the hardware, software, people, procedures etc offers creates the certain level of risk to the business partners. Companies such as Harley Davidson, which intends to deploy an eBusiness system solution cannot guarantee the quality of the IT system for all the business partners. The concern is legitimate because even if none of the parties involved has any unethical intention, poor IT system quality of even one business partner puts the data and other vital information at risk of being exposed to the outside world.
2) Business relationships that the partners have with other customers may suffer as partners use time and resources to satisfy Harley-Davidson. They may even lose business because of their Harley-Davidson suppler status.
3) Because of their HD supplier status, some of the business partners may change their plans and strategies


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